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This site covers roads and highways in all regions of Ohio with photographs, route information, important and unusual features, and related links.

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NE Ohio

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NW Ohio

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Central Ohio

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SW Ohio

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SE Ohio

Cleveland Virtual Trip
Akron Virtual Trip
Youngstown Virtual Trip

Columbus Virtual Trip


Cincinnati Virtual Trip Contributions from Pete Jenior, Dan Moraseski, and Brian Polidoro

Wheeling Virtual Trip and contributions from Brian Polidoro

Purple Line - Interstate 73 in Ohio     Red Line - Lincoln Highway Photos      Green Line - Ohio Turnpike Photos

Gold Line - Old US 21     Blue Line - Old State Rd     Orange Line - National Road Photos

Miscellaneous Pages

Milemarkers in Ohio

Ohio (statewide) Maps and Plans

Covering the evolution of Ohio's highway system

Ohio highway route ending photos at Roadfan.com

Photos by Chris Sullivan

Article on honorary highway names in Ohio

Title 55 (Roads -- Highways -- Bridges) and Title 45 (Motor Vehicles -- Aeronautics -- Watercraft) of the Ohio Revised Code
from the State of Ohio

The Unofficial Ohio State Highways Web Site by John Simpson

This lists certain data for each highway in Ohio. The original Ohio highways website.

U.S. 22 - The William Penn Highway
by the Federal Highway Administration (USDOT)



The ODOT Collection

Other Ohio photo sites

Other Ohio road sites (this doesn't include Museum of the Open Road, which produces audio recordings describing certain Ohio Interstate routes, or the Transportation forum from Urbanohio.com)

Ohio newspaper links

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