Photos by Chris Sullivan

This is a sign goof. It's supposed to be for OH 199, at the end of Eckel Junction Rd. in Perrysburg, OH

This is at Gate 12/Exit 180 (Route 8), entering the Ohio Turnpike.

This is a ramp from US 24 west to I-475 south. Nothing special.

This is I-475 Exit 2 (OH 25, Perrysburg). If the pictures would have come out clearer you would have seen an interesting assembly of BGS because the southern terminus of I-475 is just beyond this exit.

This is a picture of where the old ramps are onto US 42 (before I-71 was built). I almost ran off the road taking this, that is why my rear view mirror and foot-shaped car deodorizer are in the way... hey, it's tough taking pictures while driving at 65 mph!

Unfortunately the BGS aren't very readable in this, but it's the exit to I-71 from I-80/Ohio Turnpike Westbound.

This is a picture of one of the new "Travel Centres" along the Ohio Turnpike, that were finished late last year. The one I took is at roughly MM 165 or so... it's in between OH 21/I-77 and I-71

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