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Brian Polidoro's Page | Dan Moraseski's SW Ohio/Ky Photos | Sandor's I-73 Research
SW Ohio Photos | Cincinnati Virtual Roadtrip | Springfield and National Rd west Photos
The Morrow Bridge | SW Ohio Maps and Plans (not shown above)


National Road - A Photo Essay by Adam Prince

2003 Delaware Trip notes by Eric Stuve

ODOT District 7

ODOT District 8

ODOT District 9

I-70/75 Interchange Reconstruction Page

US 35 Corridor Page - Ross County

U.S. Grant Bridge Replacement Project Page - Portsmouth

Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments

Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission

Clark County - Springfield Transportation Coordinating Committee

U.S. 22 - The William Penn Highway by the Federal Highway Administration

Chilicothe - The first capital of Ohio

South Central Ohio Roads by Eric Near

Portsmouth Bypass

Chesapeake Bypass

Ohio Valley Roads by Sherman Cahal

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