Springfield Landmarks and through Western Ohio

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Springfield Highways

I'm sort of puzzled by this pronouncement. What Did James Rhodes do for Springfield? He lived, grew up, and came to power in Columbus, and we already have the James Rhodes Appalachan Highway (Oh 32 from Cincinnati to Parkersburg, W.Va). So why another highway?
(Oh 72, between I-70 and the Springfield Corp. Limit.)

Springfield has it's Martin Luther King Jr named street. It's just in conjunction with the already knowned Yellow Springs Rd (and no I don't know any social or economic statistics concerning the residents of this road as to leading to the MLK Jr. designation).

A fairly respectable looking Green Business Loop I-70 shield along US 40 EB just east of downtown Springfield. There are several other Business route I-70 shields along US 40 EB on the eastern fringe of Springfield, as well as a tri-color interstate shield that mentions business I-70 on east as well. Ironicly, I did not notice any I-70 business shields for westbound traffic through Springfield.

Springfield Buildings

Meanwhile, back in Springfield. Springfield is working on rehabing some of its historic structures. The building on the left I found interesting due to the painting and facade. I wonder if those were all doors above the (now abandoned) market. On the right is the old City Market (and train station?) that is currently the town's focus towards rehabing. I like how they've added 21st Century security to the original 19th century doorway.

Here is a wide angle view at the back of the Springfield City Market. It too has the 21st Century security entrance added to it. I'm not certain what the future holds for this chained off lot in the foreground.

An old Hocking Valley brick (made in Nelsonville) surrounded by Wassale Blocks (and where are they from?). Located on some unknown alley north of the Springfield City Market.

Springfield does play up the fact that 4-H was founded in this city. They even named a building after the founder, A.B. Graham.

Here is two views of the enterance to the A.B. Graham building. The photo on the left is of the entire front of the building with the columns. The photo on the right focuses on the enterence to the building. I wonder how old that (oak?) wood is?

The National Road (going west to east)

The Crossroads of America?! You decide.
At the intersection of the Dixie Highway and the National Road (old US 25 and US 40), north of Dayton. (Photo taken in July, 1999)

This plaque is Springfield's momento to the National Rd (better known as US 40 today). This sign is located on the western edge of Springfield near Buck Creek and Snyder Park on the northside of the highway.

Just on the otherside of Buck Creek from Snyder Park and the National Rd plaque (see above) is the Ohio Madonna of the Trail Monument. Access to this monument is a bit tricky as only WB traffic has access and even then you can easily miss the turn off in the maze of turn offs and ramps (a cloverleaf interchange with US 68 is just beyond this park as well). More photos of this statue can be found here and here.

There are two locations along US 40 in eastern Clark County where the highway splits. In both cases EB traffic was routed around the community and WB kept the original road. This grove of trees is for the first split, east of Springfield. Alas, there is name for this area that I'm aware of.

The first traffic light permitted by ODOT? (read that yellow placard in the middle carefully). Intersection of Old US 40 and Oh 54 in South Vienna.

Bonnie's way and Rosie's Carpet. Where have all the cowboys gone? (Intersection of Old US 40 & Oh 54 in South Vienna)

Here is the second of the two split highways along US 40 in Clark County. This time EB traffic bypasses the community of Brighton (pop. 30)

If you are interested in viewing more National Road photos on roadfan.com you can continue east to Madison County

Detour route for I-75 via I-70 around Dayton, thus Alt I-75.

Along I-70 WB, between I-675 and I-75 (from a 2001 trip)









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