The Landmarks and Terminuses of Madison County

West Jefferson Metro Area

The northern end of Oh 142, just north of I-70 near the Madison/Franklin Co. Line. Oh 142 was extended north from West Jefferson to I-70 when the interstate was completed in the late 60s. (photo from June, 2003)

Photo on left - National Rd banner in West Jefferson.
Along US 40, from New Rome on through Madison Co there are Alt I-70 sign assemblys along both directions. (I turned off US 40 @ US 42, so I don't know how much further west this goes). You can also see (granted blury) one of the federal Historic National Rd placards that line US 40 through Ohio.
(photos from June, 2003)

A 3-lane RR underpass? Actually the middle lane is the left turn lane for Oh 142 WB from US 40 in West Jefferson. One has to wonder how many head on accidents happen here though. (from June, 2003)

The eastern end of Oh 29 at US 40, west of West Jefferson (Photo from June, 2003)

The Red Brick Tavern in downtown Lafayette. Opened in 1837 when the National Rd reached here, it reverted to a private residence by the 1870s. However with the advent of US 40 back in 1926, it reopened to the public. (Photo taken June, 2003)

Along US 40 in Clark and Madison counties are these black donuts with white circles. Bob Agle wrote to me and said he believed them to be "targets for calibrating ODOT's airborne mapping camera."

Photo on left - Madison County cuts to the chase when it comes to the naming of the bypassed sections of the National Road along with one of the state National Rd markers.
Photo on right - What passes as a street sign in the Choctaw Lake subdivision in Western Madison County (Both photos taken in April, 2004)

The western terminus of Oh 142 and 665 can be found here in downtown London. Though there's enough roadsigns to confuse even the most hardened roadgeek. (Photo from June, 2003)

To continue along the National Road in Ohio, via, go west to Springfield/Clark Co. or go east to Columbus

Also check out Big Darby Creek Bridge (Franklin/Madison County Line)

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