US 21 was established in 1926 and originally went from South Carolina to Ohio (the Great Lake to Atlantic Highway),
however it was truncated in Southern West Virginia in 1971.
Marc and I decided to attempt to photograph the former routing for this US route in Ohio. So far, we've only covered the route southward from Public Square in Cleveland to near Kimbelton in Guernsey Co (Ohio)
Alas, we will happilly accept submissions of photos along US 21 in Ohio

Our road trip report from the usenet group misc.transport.road.

I decided to group the photographs by county at this time

Cuyahoga County | Summit County | Stark County | Tuscarawas County

Maps of US 21's routing in Ohio - 1931 Northern Ohio / Southern Ohio | 1962 Northern Ohio / Southern Ohio | 2002 North / Central / South
Also see Cleveland Maps

Sites relating to US 21

National Routing (& history) by R.V. Droz

US 21 history in Ohio by John Simpson

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