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A source to locate those who have information about roads and highways

This document has not been revised since 2008. The information can be considered to be obsolete.

This page is a list of names of people who have a large interest in and knowledge of the roads and highways of the world. They have contributed their contact information to this page in order to help those who have questions about some aspect of the automobile transportation network find thorough answers to those questions, either through their personal knowledge and experience, or references (on- and off-line) with which they are familiar. Jump to Where the Roadgeeks Live map

Most of these people are frequent participants on misc.transport.road (m.t.r), the Usenet "newsgroup" (discussion group) dealing with highways and related subjects (traffic control devices, road maps, etc.). If your newsreader does not give access to m.t.r, one way to access it is by visiting Google groups ( ). Google keeps an archive of all Usenet messages (they took over's archives).

If anyone wishes to be added to (or removed from) this list and/or the corresponding map, please contact the author of this page (Marc Fannin) at (alternate: ), mentioning this page in the subject line. I will not add anyone, nor alter the information of those already added, unless asked. If you wish that your e-mail address be included with your entry, please state this explicitly. One need not participate in m.t.r to be included on this list!

Note: When responding to someone by using an e-mail address on this list, remove the final capital letters from the address for it to work.

North America



A map locating many of the above people is located at

There are other sites on the web which are important resources besides those listed above. They are as follows:

(Kim Harvey at one time maintained an e-mail list of roadfans/roadgeeks, but the only existing version of this still on-line was last updated in 1998 and contains defunct e-mail addresses, plus most of the people listed there have ultimately been added to the Roadfan Locator.)

I hope I have helped in providing resources to find information about the automobile transportation network of the world. If you would like to suggest improvements that I could make to this page to better help you or others, do not hesitate to e-mail me at (alternate: ). Thank you for visiting!

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