Merritt Parkway Bridges

I have long heard about the Merritt Parkway from those on MTR who known about it's history, design and landscape.

On my 2000 trip through New England, I made sure to drive along this storied highway. My idea when I took to this highway was to photograph the bridges that span over the Merritt, for they were the most striking feature of this highway (and the envy of other communities) There are a total of 68 bridges along the Merritt, alas I only photographed 28 (30 if you count a couple along the Hutchinson River Parkway).

I hope the following are in order going from New York City (outskirts) to past Bridgeport (IOW, west to east), using maps and Bruce Radde's book "The Merritt Parkway", I hope to have correctly identify these bridges.

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 Bridge 1

 Bridge 7

 Bridge 13

 Bridge 19

 Bridge 25

Bridge 2

 Bridge 8

 Bridge 14

 Bridge 20

 Bridge 26

 Bridge 3

 Bridge 9

 Bridge 15

 Bridge 21

 Bridge 27

 Bridge 4

 Bridge 10

 Bridge 16

 Bridge 22

 Bridge 28

 Bridge 5

 Bridge 11

 Bridge 17

 Bridge 23

 Bridge 29

 Bridge 6

 Bridge 12

 Bridge 18

 Bridge 24
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