This page was created to help me organize my photos of various street scenery I have witnessed here in Clintonville (when I lived there from Feburary 2003 through July 2004). From here I have three diferent collections of photos dealing with specific parts of Clintonville

Sidestreets and Businesses - Some interesting street alignments, that I've not seen elsewhere, and old architecture that is still being used after all this time
The Clintonville Pillars of High Street - Remnants of subdivisions past that are now part of Clintonville today
The Bridges and Ravines of Clintonville - The most topological diverse region of Columbus and it's crossings

Other Clintonville websites of importance

The Clintonville Portal

Historic maps of Clintonville

Clintonville History

Page originally created on September 17, 2003/ remade on December 6, 2003

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