Sidestreets and Businesses of Clintonville

"Just because you can feel it doesn't mean it's real" - Radiohead
That line is a good definition for Clintonville. Because, technically, it doesn't exist. However, the locations in these photos do exist.


An attempt at art. If you follow closely, you can see the alternating yield and stop signs (on your right), however the second yield sign is blocked by an electric pole, otherwise I'd have something here. Colrain Ave near Acton Rd (from Feburary, 2003)

My attempts to visually document how homeowners are (beyond) encroaching upon Grandin Rd (between Blenheim and Chatham Rds, photos from June, 2003).

This is the north end of Grandin Rd. You can see both shoulders abruptly end within feet of the intersection.

This is looking north on Grandin Rd from Northridge Rd. To come southbound you'd have to avoid a shrub and a couple of trees. You can notice a little bit of a bend to the road after the forementioned (permenant) road obsticles.

This is the south end of Grandin Rd (at Chatham Rd). Here another homeowner has altered the road to plant some trees (primarly the trees in the middle, though the pine tree on the left could stand to use some trimming as well). The curve in the foreground isn't that severe. It is due to my pointing my camera at a slight angle to the NW.

A Clintonville Roundabout

Alterations to the width of the roadway aren't the only interesting sights along Grandin Rd. It also gets to share a roundabout with Acton Rd in attempt to slow traffic down. However, Acton Rd. traffic has to stop before proceeding across, while Grandin Rd traffic does not.

A close up of the roundabout from June. Note the signs telling drivers what to do so they stay on the right side of the road.

Someone also attached a missing cat poster to one of the directional signs

From June, 2003















Looking west on Acton Rd aproaching the roundabout. Note the lack of ground clutter in the roundabout itself (because it's winter!), from Feburary, 2003

Looking south on Grandin Rd towards the roundabout. Of note here is the yellow diamond sign on the right side serving as both driving aid and speed limit for the road. (from March, 2003)

Speaking of traffic calming, along several of Clintonville's side streets are these raised intersections which function as speed bumps. This one is along Acton Rd (between Grandin Rd and High St). The white triangles I guess are to direct traffic into proper direction (doesn't everyone stateside know to drive on the right side of the road?). The bricks are just for effect (I don't think bricks are less expensive than asphalt). From Feburary, 2003

Talk about traffic calming, I don't know why this home owner felt a traffic light was needed for the driveway, the Clintonville neighborhood street on which the residence is located on isn't a through route by any stretch of imagination. (Photo from December, 2003)

It doesn't matter how you spell it, you aren't supposed to use the street ahead as a short cut around High St. (Hollenback St - access to Whetstone Library and the Park of Roses)

Speaking of Hollenback, this plaque, in front of the Whetstone Library, explains why Rand Hollenback got a street named after him.


I don't know how old these businesses are, nor do I care who uses them today. I just find their archtechure to be interesting.

The following photos concern buildings at the SW corner of High St and North Broadway (considered to be "Downtown Clintonville"). These all were to be razed in Spring of 2004 for a new commercial development. Alas, in January the developers pulled out citing a client's economic difficulty. Now all of these buildings will be abandoned before summer starts and no one is sure what to do with them.

Little did I know at the time I took this photo that all the businesses (note the guy at the corner holding the "Big Bear Grocery closing" signs) in this photo would not exist three months later. (Photo taken in January, 2004)

Along with old architecture, there are several Old Gas Stations being reused in Clintonville as well

This former station is now home to a Cottman transmission shop. I think the garage in the back was a more recent addition

This former canopy stop and garage is now home to a flower shop.

Ironicly, both of these gas stations are but a mere block from one another, so in previous times these two buildings were compition to one another.
Both stations are along N. High St. between North Broadway and Torrence Rd. Both pictures are from June, 2003.

This former gas-station and repair shop is now just strickly a repair shop (specializing in foreign makes). Located at High St and Erie Rd.

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