Clintonville Bridges and Ravines

Clintonville is the most topological diverse area in Columbus/Franklin County

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Overbrook Ravine & Bridges

There is a piece of wilderness in the city. Overbrook Dr is broken into two parts going from Cooke Rd, one part goes west to High St and the other part (from where I took this photo) goes east to Indianola Ave. Unlike it's western counterpart however, a guardrail seperates Overbrook Dr (east) from Cooke Rd (for safety or traffic calming measures?). Both parts of Overbrook look like something out of the Amazon jungle compared to the rest of Columbus






Here is an example of Overbrook Ravine, between Canyon Dr and High St. To the left is the south slope (cliff) and up above are some houses












Along Overbrook Dr, there are several bridges using a stone design.

The bridge in the photos above is located near Canyon Dr, the bridge in the photos below is located near Lenappe Dr.

Beechwold-Old Zoo Bridge

Located on Rustic Bridge Rd (obviously) between Riverview Park Dr and Beechwald Blvd
Legend has it that the bridge is among the last remnants of the original Columbus Zoo and one can see how some of the ravines were dealt with originally.

Glen Echo Ravine

Indianola Ave Bridge

Indianola Ave bridge. Someone had an idea of making this a roadway through here at one time for the Glen Echo stream was culverted (see top photo in this group) underneith this bridge as well.

Calumet St Bridge

Arcadia Ave bridge
This bridge unto itself is nothing spectacular, but the path/roadway that passes through it is a mystery for me.

Part of Glen Echo Ravine between High and Calumet Streets.

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