South Columbus

Another freeway that uses local routes for its "control cities." Unlike the other location (see the Worthington page), this freeway has no real locations other than the routes listed on the sign above. US 23 NB aproaching Oh 104 on Columbus's south side. (Photo from February, 2004)

A double decker bridge (almost) along Parsons Ave near Oh 104 and a railroad, just south of Buckeye Steel (Photo taken in November, 2003)

Some remenants of the old south end of Parsons Ave at Oh 317. When the bridge over the Big Walnut Creek was rebuilt in the 1950s, Parsons Ave. was shifted over to the west away from the riverbank for safety reasons. (Photo taken in November, 2003)

That end sign is supposed signify the northern terminus for Oh 674. It still ends here, but someone doesn't want the average motorist to know that I guess.
(Photo taken in February, 2004)

That white octagon (stop sign whited out by camera flash and sunset) is at the location for the original northern terminus for Oh 674 in Canal Winchester. When US 33 was routed outside of town in the 1960s, then Oh 674 was left dangling for a couple of years till ODOT got around to routing it out to the new freeway.
(Photo taken in February, 2004)

This clear path between the electric wires at first glance would to appear to be an old highway or railroad right-of-way. Those away of the history of SE Franklin County (specificly Canal Winchester) would know better. This would be the path for the Ohio-Erie Canal (note the man-made ridge on the left), and one can follow this along the northside of Groveport Rd from Canal Winchester to Groveport. (Photo taken in February, 2004)

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