Worthington Photos

US 23 @ I-270

As you go SB on US 23, you'll see your options concerning I-270. East to I-71. West to Oh 315. At least the locals won't get lost here.

The only exit # on US 23 in Ohio!
Isn't it pecular that I-270 and US 23 share the same exit number here (then there's the route 23/exit 23 oddity here as well).

Picture on left - Worthington City Limit sign. Obviously not state issued. Oh 161 WB on the east end of Worthington.
Picture on right - One of two circle Oh 161 signs in Worthington. This one is located along NB US 23 approaching Worthington Town Square.

If I could only make the traffic disapear. On the left is another circle Oh 161 sign (for WB Oh 161). On the far right, partially behind the white truck is a granite sign post for North High St (US 23) and Dublin-Granville Rd (Oh 161). Ahead would be the NW part of the Worthington Town Square. 

To the south of Worthington's town square (see above) are most of Worthington's shops and this LED crosswalk sign. The bottom picture shows what drivers along High St see when people are attempting to cross the street. The picture above shows what one sees the rest of the time. (both photos are from August, 2003)

Worthington street signs. That object on the right of the street name is Worthington's town symbol.
Location should be obvious, photo taken in August, 2003

And trying to hide behind a traffic light support pole is a sign welcoming you to Riverlea, a subdivision turned suburb of Worthington. Other than it being SW of Worthington, I don't know much else about this community. (Photo taken in April, 2004)

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