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The skyline of Covington, Newport, and Dayton, Kentucky. Compare this to the Cincinnati skyline here. From Devou Park (Photo from October, 2003)

Covington Streetscape. Look down the street and you'll see Cincinnati. (Photo taken in December, 2004)

This stop sign (on the right) is not for any sort of intersection (unless you think special consideration is given to particular driveways), but as a form of traffic/speed control along sidestreets in Covington. I've forgotten the location unfortunetly. (Photo from October, 2003)

Covington Streetsign. To hell with standards, lets go for individuality and "beauty." (From October, 2003)

Nice Architecture, bad business. Either this is a rough part of town or Newport citizens are not interested in oriental imports. Along with the archtecture of the building, the old style of street names placed into the side of the building (look above the Oriental Imports signs) is what drew me to photographing this building. Located at the intersection of 5th St and Saratoga St (Photo taken in October, 2003) which leads us to the next photo....

There was a beautification project along Saratoga St?! If the photo and caption above are any indication, this project either didn't work or after 16 years
(1987 when the project was completed till 2003 when this photo was taken) needs to be revisited. (Photo taken in October, 2003)

Kentucky 16(?) bridge over the Licking River connecting Newport and Covington. (Photo taken in December, 2004)


I'd best describe this as a lattice design freeway sign support. This is the most common style used in Kentucky, whereas other states
are more apt to use "large metal pipes" instead. This photo was taken along I-71 in Louisville. (Photo taken in June, 1999)

Visual proof that I-71 reaches all the way to I-65 in downtown Lousiville? (Photo taken in June, 1999)

I just find BGS lacking control cities, or using other routes as control cities, to be interesting-odd. This sign was along I-65 between Louisville and Elizabethtown. (Photo taken in June, 1998)


A miniture US route shield included on a road name sign, west of Lexington (Photo taken in September, 2001)


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