Cincinnati Buildings

Overview of Cincinnati from I-71/75 in Northern Kentucky. You can see the tenth mile markers along the medium. (Photo from September, 2001)

Three years later (and closer to dusk), from almost the same spot as the photo above (This photo taken in December, 2004)

Devou Park (Covington, Ky), Part 1. From the Cincinnati Roadgeek meet in October, 2003. This hill was recomended by Pete Jenior. From here you can see the skyline with Paul Brown Stadium and then the Brent Spence and Clay Wade Bailey Bridges in the foreground.

Devou Park, Part 2. More bridges and Covington/Newport, Kentucky on the right this time.

Proctor & Gamble World Headquarters (I think) from the parking lot of Rockwood Pottery in Mt. Adams (looking west in the early afternoon)

Same location as above, but near dusk (you just get a silouette of the buildings)

Still at Rockwood Pottery, aproxemetly the same time as the photo above, but with more periferials in the foreground

This building has seen better clientille than what Will's Pawn shop is bringing in today. Instersection of McMillian and Montgomery (Photo taken in December, 2004)

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