Farish St - Westside buildings

(Going South to North...)

Not an original structure here

Brown Furniture Company (once upon a time)? Now being gutted for a new entertainment venue
(Top photo from June, 2005. Bottom photo from March, 2006)

Same collection of bricks and metal, just that the picket fence had disapeared in spots in 8 months between visits.
(Top photo from July, 2005. Bottom photo from March, 2006)

H.C. Speir's Music Store once stood here in the 1920s. (It then moved to 111 Farish St, which is now a Federal Courthouse)

Ace Records once stood here

Field's Cafe/Juke Joint

Formerly Big Al's Recovery Room?

Former home to Trumpet Records?

Former or soon to be Police Substation?

To the left is Dennis Bros Shoe repair, to the right is Peaches Restaurant

Alamo Theater. Open from 1948 till 1984. Salvaged (there was a fire here in 1991), refurbished, and reopened in 1997.

That open door on the left was to Medger Ever's NAACP office

There were plans in January 2001 to have a "Farish St Walk-of-Fame" with granite blocks commerating Sam Myers, Dorthy Moore, and Sonny Boy Williamson (Aleck Rice Miller). The only one of the three to be placed so far is Sonny Boy's (located near the former home of Trumpet Records).

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