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Pickaway County

For some reason, vertical wooden posts seem to be the prefered method of road signage in Jackson and Scioto townships (stradling Franklin and Pickaway Counties). This particular instance is for an older, bypassed section of SR 3 at the Franklin/Pickaway County (near Harrisburg). Photo taken in January, 2004

















In midtown Harrisburg, looking back at the former(?) western end of Oh762 at old US 62/Oh 3 (the Harrisburg bypass was constructed in)
Photo taken in January, 2004

I'm so confused. Which name is corrected here? It would be the wooden post with Scioto St carved into it. The old metal sign on the right, would signify what the road name would be once you leave Commercial Point (home to IRL Driver Sarah Fisher) Photo taken in January, 2004

A restored(?) gas station building along the old routing of US 23, in Circleville. According to Sherman Cahal, he believes the architechural style of building dates to the mid 1930's. It was an "art deco" gas station, with the design very similar to the old Gulf stations of that era. (Photo taken in October, 2002)

Fairfield County

How many routes does one need to know the location of? Intersection of US 33 with US 22 & Oh 188 in Lancaster.

Rising Park

This is a merging of two photos looking over Lancaster (and Fairfield county out yonder) from the lookout at Rising Park

Downtown Lancaster from Rising Park (part 1)

Downtown Lancaster from Rising Park (part 2)

So how far can one see from Rising Park? Several miles at the west.

US 33 - Lancaster Bypass (Completed in October 2005)

This is the last exit completed for the project at Oh 188, as of February 2004.

Close up photo of the east bridge support for Oh 188 over US 33. The texture brown color (and design) is not standard for bridges.

One can see devolution of the US 33 bypass as one looks south from the completed portion towards where construction picks up.

Close up on the northern extent of the construction around Lancaster back in February 2004

The top of the new US 22 bridge over the would be US 33 bypass (that is current US 22 on the left).

More grading for US 33 bypass, this time south of US 22.

Anyone missing a trailer?


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All photo taken in February, 2004 unless noted otherwise.

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