East Side Columbus Photos
(Including the suburbs of Bexley, and Reynoldsburg)

I-70/US 33/Oh 104 junction | Bexley | Reynoldsburg | Gahanna

The I-70/US 33/Oh 104 junction (terraserver map of area)

These two Ohio 104 sign assemblies have banners designed for the larger marker used on freeways. The first picture was taken at Ohio 104's terminus at U.S. 33 (northern terminus on a larger scale, eastern terminus on a smaller scale -- Ohio 104 is shaped like a flipped "L"). The second picture was taken on an exit ramp from U.S. 33 Eastbound (Southbound on the national scale) . The Ohio 104 assembly was added here when the east-west freeway portion of Ohio 104 was completed.

The only mention of James Rd on US 33 NB (or WB) amongest the I-70/OH 104 interchanges. Instead of James Rd, the BGSs say I-70 Wheeling. BGS assembly is placed on the Refugee Rd (104) overpass.

Assuming you know you're approaching Columbus, then I-70 west will take you downtown. US 33 W (or N) B at I-70

Now that ODOT mentions US 33 on the BGSs for Livingston Ave (for WB I-70), they downgraded 33 to an Ohio route when you reach Livingston Ave. [by mistake].

An old sign that still stands. The Super Duper Elephant was a long time Columbus tradition that has slowly fading into the past. Fortunetly, I found this one still standing along James Rd (between Livingston Ave and Main St) back in January of 2003











Bexley Photos

You can make U-turn (or is it a hard left) from NB Alum Creek Dr to the ramp for I-70 WB south of Main St, just west of Bexley, from the SB side. Why illustrating that SB traffic doesn't stop, I don't know

Small Green Sign alerting WB traffic on E. Main St that they can reach I-70 by turning left. (Photo digitally altered) Intersection of Main St (US 33 and Temp US 40 in previous lives) and Alum Creek Dr.

Old concrete bridge that promotes its original owner (Norfolk and Western RR). Micah Smith wrote to correct me that the railline is west of the Bexley border (Alum Creek is the west border for Bexley, suburb of Columbus). E Main St at Nelson Rd.


The second oldest suspension bridge in Ohio? This 1922 structure appears to have always been a pedestrian walkway over Alum Creek between Franklin and Wolfe Parks near Bexley.

Photo from December, 2003















A Columbus historical marker for the first grist mill in Franklin Co, Nelson Mill, 1807.
Along US 62 between Broad St and I-670.
Part of a circle that goes around the intersection of E Broad St and Drexel Ave in Bexley. Not sure why the circle was constructed.
From January, 2003
So which way are you heading if go north on Nelson Rd (US 62)? Is it east or north? It seems that ODOT or the City of Columbus can't make up it's mind either.
US 62 (Nelson Rd), north of Broad St near the Bexley/Columbus line. Photo from January, 2003

I guess ODOT wasn't kidding about reducing I-70 to one lane through the east split. Of interest here with the new signs, Broad St (which is actually an exit along I-71) gets a mention (and it's own lane) along I-70 WB. The control city for US 23 is "Downtown." Hope you know you're in Columbus by now.
Photo from May, 2004

ODOT is trying painting the route(s) on the pavement of I-70 going through Columbus to see if it helps reduce driver confusion (congestion, accidents?) This instance is I-70 WB aproaching the "East Split" with I-71, looking down from the Ohio Ave overpass (Photo taken in May, 2004)

Like the 37/36 pairing in Sunbury (see Road Photos of Central Ohio main page), this sign assembly has its markers in an unconventional order. The marker for U.S. 40, a transcontinental highway, is under one for a shorter, higher-numbered U.S. route, and even under one for a state route. (Also note that U.S. 62 is signed "SOUTH" and not "WEST" here.) Along E Broad St between Bexley and I-71


With the reconstruction of I-70 on the eastside of Columbus, comes new BGSes and now the lights are on top shining down instead of on the bottom shining up. Likely due to an attempt to reduce solar illumination at night.
I-70 EB between I-270 and Brice Rd interchanges.

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