The Old Superior Viaduct

The Superior Viaduct, located just north of the Veterans Memorial Bridge, used to cross the Cuyahoga River and connect downtown to the west, but all but its western end were removed when the latter bridge was built. The gap is in the near background.

Superior Viaduct details

Note the ornate rail design, and the tree growing out of the side of the bridge! This was taken facing southeast from the Nautica parking lot.
Thanks to Builders Exchange magazine of Cleveland for including this photograph in their February 2003 issue!

These first two photos were taken in September, 1998. Fast forward almost 6 years later...

This is what the west end of the old Superior Viaduct looks like as of June, 2004. The headquarters for the Cuyahoga County Engineer Department is on the right side (by the red pickup)

Ignore the pile of sand and gravel and the other industrial parts in the foreground and notice the building in the background. That masumleum like structure is believed to be an entrance to the former transit station that was on the west end of the Detroit-Superior Viaduct. (Photo taken in June, 2004)

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