Downtown Cincinnati Signage

A group of roadgeeks stop to ponder if parking in front of a No Parking Sign makes them lesser people than before
(along 3rd St. between Race and Vine Streets in Downtown Cincinnati)

I guess Cincinnati is not going to change the name of either street anytime soon if they are stenciling them on the side of buildings

While I do not care for the over abundance of horizontal traffic lights along 3rd St, I like the backlit signs and streetnames on top of the sign assemblies.
Pete Jenior explains this set up on this page.

Left Photo: Plaque commemorating the completion of the Fort Washington Way (I-71/US 50) rebuild (1998-2000)
Right Photo: Support tower for a small suspension bridge along Main St over Ft. Washington Way

Springer Circle (is this true?)

Left Photo: Close up on Springer Circle (see photo above)
Right Photo: US 52 is routed East-West in Ohio, not North-South, so who came up with this idea?

Pardon the extreme angle, but anyone know the official routing for Alt I-75 in Cincinnati? Me thinks this is left over from a construction project
Intersection of Freeman Ave and Ezzard Charles Dr

Some backlit turn arrows with a narrowing base to the point. Just south of the American Sign Museum (Photo taken in December, 2004)

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