OHIO 711/Division Street

The section of SR-711 from US-422 to I-80/SR-11 is now complete, having been opened October 24, 2005.
Ohio Route 711 formerly only ran from I-680 to US 422 and Burlington Street.
Following are photographs mostly from March, 2000, and October, 2003, of construction of the remaining stretch.

Part of SR-711 is named the "Robert E. Hagan Memorial Highway" (bill information).

These roadways were planned to be the northern end of Ohio 711 and its ramp to I-80 Eastbound at the eastern I-80/Ohio 11 interchange (map). Notice that a sign gantry was even installed in preparation for the highway's completion. From I-80 Eastbound


This ramp was built to connect I-80 Eastbound to Ohio 711 Southbound. The signs visible are for Ohio 11 Southbound traffic and say "[I-80] EAST/New York/[upper-right arrow]" (all traffic there must follow that ramp).

Ohio 11 SB's loop to I-80 EB - Visible is part of Ohio 711 SB's ghost roadway. Contributed by Matt Walcoff

Marc and my one photo of the construction to complete Oh 711 between US 422 and I-80. This location would be near DuPont St and the Tod Homestead Cemetery (Photo from October, 2003)

Note that US 422 WB is signed as "NORTH". On Ohio 711, it is signed as "N-EAST/S-WEST"! (see below)
Contributed by Matt Walcoff

I'm not sure why Youngstown thought it was necessary to have the street name painted on the bridge when this was completed many years ago. US 422 @ Oh 711 (Photo from October, 2003)

Just in case you thought that one bridge paint job above was a fluke, Youngstown did the same thing with the bridge over old Federal St as well. (Photo from October, 2003) Both bridges, in the three photos above, got replaced during the Oh 711 construction.

"Old" Ohio 711 WB halfway between US 422 and I-680. Contributed by Matt Walcoff

Extreme closeup! That Oh 193 shield was over 30 years old. Along Oh 711 (Photo from October, 2003)

Almost as extreme closeup! Even with the sunglare, you can tell how old this sign is. You can also see the cover-up job from when Federal St was renamed Martin Luther King Blvd. Along Oh 711 (Photo from October, 2003)

We mentioned up above that US 422 is signed N-west/S-east from Oh 711. Here's our visual proof. (Photo from October, 2003)

Same sign collection, less clutter, more blur (Photo from October, 2003)

This bridge over the rail lines from the steel mill ended up being torn down. Besides the nice rust color, note the narrowing of the outgoing lanes through the actual bridge structure as well. (Photo from October, 2003)

The bridge stamp for the Oh 711 bridge over some more rail lines and the Mahoning River (Photo from October, 2003)

Old Division Street

Now before the Expressway/Freeway (Depending on whose definition you use) on the left was built, Division St crossed here for many years before. This plateau was for the west end of a 1930s bridge over some rail lines. Before that, Division St. had an at-grade crossing here (to the right). (Photo from October, 2003)

The old bridge abutment on the other side for Division St. The guard rail is for an active road to some business. (Photo from October, 2003)

Visual evidence for the date of the old Division St bridge. (Photo from October, 2003)

Just as equally fascinating as the bridge remains above is this old(?) bridge for (Old) Division St over the Mahoning River. (Photo from October, 2003).

Same bridge as in the photo above, but now looking head on (instead of above). Other than for height restrictions (and being one and a half lanes wide), there seemed to be no weight restrictions for this bridge. The shadow ahead is for an underpass for more railroads and Oh 711 (Photo from October, 2003)


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