Akron Innerbelt
Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway

The Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway, also known as "the Akron Innerbelt Freeway", goes from I-76/77 at its south end to Perkins Avenue at its north end where it ends abruptly. It carries Ohio 59 its entire length. Here is a photo journey from south to north. It reached I-76/77 in 1988 and was originally intended to go to Oh 8 (North Expressway).

South end -- Here is where the freeway meets I-76/77 with a half-trumpet interchange. This is also the west end of Ohio 59.

Sign at the south end

One mile before the north end

One-half mile before the north end

North end -- The northbound lanes narrow down to a two-lane ramp here which becomes Perkins Avenue Eastbound. (Just in case you were wondering, Saint Vincent-Saint Mary High School, alma mater of LeBron James, is just to the west of here.)

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