Indiana Highway Ends

This is a collection of photos of the ends of Indiana state-maintained highways. This site is under construction and will be for quite some time. Until more photos are placed here, check these sites for Indiana end photos: as well as elsewhere on this site.

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Photos soon to be placed here: 104, 111S, 119W, 120W, 130N, 143, 149, 156W, 211, 212, 249, 256W, 262E, 331S (both segments), US 421N, 443, 526, 930E (Eric Meier); US 136E (David Greenberger); 4W, 49N, 51N, 53, 55N, 110 (west segment), old 141N, 143, 152, 249S, 312E, US 421N, 520 (Stephen Summers); US 31S, 45, I-64E, 68E, 69N, 101, US 231S, 237S, 250E (H.B. Elkins); US 24E, 26E, US 27E, 28E, US 30E, 32, US 33E, US 36E, US 40E, 44E, 67E, 116E, 121E, 124E, 218E, US 224E, 227E, 252E (James Schul, not photographed yet); 249S (Jeff Morrison); Bus. US 31N (South Bend), I-80E, I-90E (Marc Fannin). The letter refers to which end; no letter means both ends. Routes with no designation are state routes.

The pages (all highways are numerically organized regardless of designation)

1-9 | 10-19 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 60-69 | 70-79

100-109 | 110-119 | 130-139 | 150-159 | 160-169


310-319 | 330-339 | 350-359

400-409 | 420-429 | 430-439


Note: If a page is not listed, there are no photos within that range on . Also, many routes exist in more than one segment.

The maps linked on each page are the county portions of the official Indiana Department of Transportation map (city insets and the whole 2002 map -- very large .pdf file -- are also available). To find out more about the routes listed, visit the Indiana Transportation Information Center by Richard Simpson.

If you have comments about or submissions for this page, e-mail Marc Fannin at (COMMENTS ONLY, no attachments) or (graphic submissions). Thanks to Sherman Cahal for creating and contributing the opening graphic.

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