Features of Gahanna

The Grand Arch of Gahanna.
Located over US 62 (between I-270 and Oh 317), welcoming you to DT Gahanna.

Top Picture - View of the Arch in it's entirity over US 62
Bottom Picture - Close up of the Arch
Both pictures taken along US 62 (N)EB aproaching DT Gahanna and Oh 317

Too much green here (not counting the green lights). Green light supports, green street signs, green lense covers and backing to the traffic lights. The curly cues in the traffic light support are likely to be a streetscape recomended addition for style points. US 62 @ Oh 317.

Of note in this photo is the "Red Light Camera" above the traffic light assembly (pointed WB Granville St traffic) and the small East US 62 sign, next to the left turn only sign (for EB traffic coming from Columbus). Photo taken in June, 2004.

The Old Big Walnut Creek Bridge

Evidently someone saved and rehabed the top of the old Johnstown Rd bridge (replaced in 1965 for among other things, a wider crossing in conjunction with I-270 and the Airport Freeway) and made it part of a garden back in the early 1990s. The only problem I see with it, you can't make out the bridge sections unless you stand next to it, and it doesn't stand out from the road. I wonder how many people know about this memorial? Bridges photos all taken in June, 2004.

Some art students painted this mural about polution and the environment along the Gahanna Creekwalk, next to the US 62 bridge. (Photo taken in June, 2004)

Left Photo - Gahanna is now using countdown walk/don't walk signals at the intersection of US 62 and Oh 317 (and maybe one or two other locations within town as well). Not only do these signs give you a visual readout, you hear a computer generated voice counting down the seconds and saying WALK/ DON'T WALK as well
Right Photo - Gahanna uses the vertical wooden post system as a secondary steeet signing method as well. (Both photos taken in June, 2004)

Picture on left - While the End Oh 317 assembly is proper, how did US 62 become a state route?
Picture on right - How can one have a junction with a route that just becomes you (that being I-670)?