Dublin Ave

Long before I-670 and Oh 315 would skirt drivers by at 60+ MPH through Columbus, even before Spring-Sandusky was thought of as a traffic nightmare, the closest crossing to the junction of the Olentangy and Scioto Rivers 800 ft upstream. That crossing was for Dublin Ave.
Dublin Ave originally ran from Dennison (later Neil) Ave at the Ohio Penenitenury west, over the Olentangy River to Sandusky St. In fact, Spring St originally curved up and intersected with Dublin Ave, west of Hocking St. This situation lasted into the 1930s at least, till a new bridge was built for Spring St.
Afterwards, Dublin Ave deadended at the Olentangy next to the municipal power plant with the following remains of the old bridge still standing after all this time.

I should also note - I have no idea as to the exact dates of the Dublin Ave bridge's opening and closing. Thus if you have more info, and/or photos of the old bridge, I'd love to hear about it (e-mail Sandor)

This would have been the east end of the crossing for Dublin Ave.

Two manhole covers (foreground and just to the right of the tree limb in the back center) from Dublin Ave are left behind on the west bank near the Olentangy Trail.


To add insult to injury towards the remnants of Dublin Ave, the City of Columbus deleted Dublin Ave from it's list of streets and renamed as an extension of Nationwide Blvd through the Arena District. This occured in 1998 (give or take a year).














In spite of that however, there are plenty of old buildings that still mark Dublin Ave as their address.

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