Note: This page is no longer being maintained. Most manuals are easily retrievable from the webpages of the respective state's organization, or through a web search – manuals don't often change names over the years so the names listed below are probably still in use. If you need assistance, please contact me by e-mail.

June 8, 2013

Links to online driver manuals

Revised June 26, 2007

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Many of the following manuals are only available in .pdf format (Adobe's Acrobat Reader is required). If this is the case then I do not link directly to the manual but to another page which links to it. If the manual is available in both .pdf and .html (regular web page) formats, I link to the .html version.

United States

Alabama Driver License Manual
Alaska Driver's Manual
Arizona Driver License Manual
Arkansas Drivers Manual

California Driver Handbook
Colorado Driver Handbook
Connecticut Driver's Manual

Delaware Driver's Manual
District of Columbia Driver and Motorcycle Operator's Study Guide

Florida Driver Handbook; Bonus: 1950 Florida Driver's Handbook

Georgia Driver's Manual

Hawaii Driver's Manual

Idaho Driver's Manual
Illinois' Rules of the Road
Indiana Driver Manual
Iowa Driver's License Manual

The Kansas Driver's License Handbook
Kentucky Driver Testing Manual

Louisiana Driver's Guide

Maine Motorist Handbook and Study Guide / Exam Manual
Maryland Driver's Handbook
Massachusetts Driver's Manual
What Every Driver Must Know (Michigan); Bonuses: 1937 Detroit Driver's Handbook | 1947 What Every Driver Must Know
Minnesota Driver's Manual
Mississippi -- not online -- license information
Missouri Driver Guide (bottom of page)
Montana Driver's Manual (scroll down)

Nebraska Driver's Manual
Nevada Drivers Handbook
New Hampshire Driver's Manual
New Jersey Driver Manual
New Mexico Driver License Manual
New York State Driver's Manual; Bonus: 1947 New York Drivers Manual (.pdf)
North Carolina Driver's Handbook; Bonus: 1951 North Carolina Drivers Manual (.pdf, c. 19MB)
Rules of the Road (North Dakota)

Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws
Oklahoma Driver's License Manual
Oregon Driver Manual

Pennsylvania's Driver Manual

Rhode Island's Driver's Manual

South Carolina Driver's Manual
South Dakota Driver License Manual

Tennessee Drivers Handbook
Texas Driver License Handbook

Utah Driver Handbook

Vermont Driver License Manual
Virginia Driver's Manual

Washington Driver's Guide
West Virginia Driver's Handbook
The Motorist's Handbook (Wisconsin)
Rules of the Road (Wyoming)



Driver license information for all provinces/territories is located on this page . Thanks to L. Woodworth, with additional help from D. Rae and R. Trethewey

Great Britain


Thanks to Luke Wright

Australian Capital Territory -- not online
Road Users' Handbook (New South Wales)
Northern Territory -- not online
Queensland -- not online
The Driver's Handbook (South Australia)
Tasmanian Road Rules (formerly the Learner Driver Handbook)
Road to Solo Driving (Victoria)
Drive Safe Handbook (Western Australia)

The Open Directory Project now has its own list of driver manual links at's_Education/Manuals/ . If you can't find a link on this page, check that one. (ODP main page)

If you see something which needs corrected, including notification of existing online handbooks for areas which I identify as not having one available, please e-mail Marc Fannin at or , specifying this page. Author takes no responsibility for incorrect or out-of-date information found at the linked sites.

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