The Bridges of Delaware County

Photographing historic and architecturally interesting highway crossings of the rivers, creeks, and streams of Delaware County

This is my homepage for (my) bridge pictures in Delaware County. I have the table set up below listing current and former spans I felt were of note, by way of aesthetics mostly, in Delaware County.

 Scioto River

Olentangy River

 Big Walnut

 Other Bridges

Glick Rd

Orange Rd

Sunbury Rd 

 N. Galena Rd

 Home Rd

Winter Rd

Old Oh 37 

 Gorsuch Rd

  Bellpoint Rd

Winter St 

N.Old 3C Rd
Warrensburg Rd

Panhandle Rd

Creek Rd 

 Radnor Rd

Oh 229

Stockwell Rd

 Hoskins Rd

Monkey Hollow Rd

 Chambers Rd

Page created on December 15, 2003/last updated on April 28, 2004

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