Other Darby Creek Crossings

The Little and Big Darby Creeks merge on the eastside of Georgesville in SW Franklin County. This bridge above is for Gardiner Rd, over the Big Darby Creek (just after the creeks split). The bridge has some asthetics value for the guard rail and bumper on the ends of the supports.

Speaking of Gardiner Rd, just on the south side of the bridge above, the road dead ends into Alkire Rd (who's bridge over the Darby Creeks is even more blase, so I didn't bother photographing it). If look above, you can see that the county truly does reuse it's signs for other purposes.

This bridge is located past the northern end of Harrisburg-Georgesville Rd in Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park (south of Georgesville). I was unsucessful in finding any possible bridge remnants, I did find this along one of the paths nearby.

While I couldn't find a former northern extention of Harrisburg-Georgesville Rd into Georgesville, I did notice this bridge for the same road, crossing the same waterway, in Darbydale (still in SW Franklin County).

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