Ohio River Crossings (Part 1)

Taylor-Southgate Bridge L&N and Dan Beard Bridges Ky 8 Bridge


The Taylor-Southgate Bridge, which carries US 27. The yellow building in the background is the Newport Aquarium.

Getting onto the Taylor-Southgate Bridge, which carries US 27. We are going to Kentucky from Ohio. This bridge opened 1995, and replaced old Central Bridge. The Central Bridge had opened in 1890 and was torn down in 1993.

More info on the Taylor Southgate Bridge is here and on the old Central Bridge is here.

Looking west to the Taylor-Southgate (US 27) Bridge.

L&N and Dan Beard Bridges

The L&N Bridge and the Dan Beard (I-471) Bridge.

The Dan Beard (I-471) Bridge. Newport’s floodwall is in the foreground; the L&N Bridge is on the far left. The construction is related to the Newport Aquarium.

Getting onto the L&N Bridge on the Kentucky side. Note the signage falling down on the right side of the photo and the weight limit of 3 tons. This bridge opened in 1872, six years after the Roebling Bridge. It was Cincinnati’s first rail bridge. The right side of the bridge used to carry the railroad, but it was closed in 1977. The bridge was closed to auto traffic in May 2001, about 2 months after these pictures were taken. The bridge will remain open to pedestrians, and it may be used for mass transit in the future.

More photos by Pete of the now-purple bridge are here. More info on the L&N Bridge is here.

Looking east to the Dan Beard (I-471) Bridge.

Kentucky 8 Bridge (over the Licking River)

Looking across the Ohio River to the mouth of the Licking River. Newport, Kentucky is on the left, Covington, Kentucky is on the right. This is why Cincinnati exists.

Another shot of the mouth of the Licking River. The KY 8 bridge can be seen.

Crossing the Licking River on the SR 8 bridge. We are going from Newport to Covington.

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