Bridges Along the Cuyahoga

The following bridges only have one photo of each, so we have thrown them together on one page. We are heading towards the mouth of the Cuyahoga River from before the Innerbelt towards Lake Erie (sort of going East to West)

W 3rd Ave (before the Innerbelt)

Same bridge, closer view

Inner Belt Bridge northbound (I-90 Eastbound)

W. 3rd Ave ramp

Traveling under Eagle Ave (east of the Cuyahoga)

Eagle Ave

Carter Rd

Columbus Rd

The Center Street Bridge is a swing bridge located directly underneath the Veterans Memorial Bridge. The signal on the right, somewhat run down, operates when the bridge is in the open position. The red lights with the letters on them shine solid, and the upper two red lights flash alternately. Another version of this signal may be found in Chicago controlling traffic over its many drawbridges. The green lights in the conventional traffic signals in the picture are not operational, but the reds are (unsure about the yellows). Also notice the RTA viaduct in the background again. This photo was taken in 1999

The Main Avenue Bridge, also known as "the Harold H. Burton Main Avenue Bridge", carries the Shoreway (Ohio 2) over the river and the Flats. Like the Veterans Memorial Bridge, this bridge also is lighted blue at night. This was taken facing Lake Erie from the Nautica parking lot. The other side of the bridge is seen at the end of the opening of the Drew Carey Show. The bridge was planned to be repainted in fiscal year 2003.

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