Cincinnati Freeway Signage

Diagramical sign, version 1 for northbound traffic before the Ohio River crossing. (photo from December, 2004)

Diagramical sign, version 2 for I-75 southbound traffic within Cincinnati (at least this photo wasn't taken at dusk) (Photo taken in March, 2005)

Something that I've noticed when driving I-75 southbound, approaching downtown Cincinnati, is these LED cutout on the top of the exit signs (see photos above). Anyone know what they are for, or if they are still in operation?

In the 1970s, I-75 was deemed to need widening north of downtown Cincinnati. When ODOT came to the city of Arlington Hts, they decided to build the new lanes for I-75 around the city. Thus Arlington Hts. is known as the city in the medium of a freeway.
This first photo is at the north end of Arlington as southbound traffic bears right and northbound merges back together on the left (photo taken in March, 2005)

The building is nothing of note, just between the two streams of traffic (Photo taken in March, 2005)

One thing that was not improved was the exit ramps. A 15 mph curve is substandard (and not usual) along an interstate
Also, why is the Galbraith Rd text shifted to the left instead of being centered? (Photo taken in March, 2005)

The former Cross-County Highway, renamed for the president who help get funding for its completion. On I-71 NB (Photo from September, 2001)

Why are there a lack of control cities for I-275 when approaching it along I-71 (and even I-75)? Why not Indianpolis for the west and Chilocothe or Portsmouth for the east instead of highway routes?! Along I-71 northbound approaching the I-275 north section. (Photo from September, 2001)

Stay right if you wish to continue to go around in circles. Left unsaid is I-74 west to Indianapolis are the left lanes. Or you can just find the next exit and turn around. Along westbound I-275/I-74 in western Hamilton County (Photo from May, 2003)

Ohio's newest state route and one of the shortest. I guess that means the plans for an eastern US 50 freeway into Cincinnati is officially off the books.

The would of been freeway is now a divided highway connecting US 50 to I-275 and then a mall (to the west of I-275). Photo taken in March, 2005

Diagramical signs are rare, any sort of freeway signs with three(!) control cities are even more rare. This one exists for a good cause south of Cincinnati
(Photo from May, 2003)

More bizarre signage concerning I-275 around Cincinnati. This time we're in Kentucky and the sign for I-275 uses Two (!!) I-275 shields to designate which direction the interstate goes. How about a corresponding Control City/Point to go with Airport instead of another shield. How dumb do they think people are?!? (Photo taken in March, 2005)

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