All Roads Lead to Cedar Point

Cedar Point Amusement Park is a very popular attraction in Sandusky, drawing people from hundreds of miles around. It is located on the tip of a peninsula jutting out into Lake Erie (map).

The following photos show the various signage used around Sandusky and Huron to direct traffic to and from Cedar Point.

This has been the main auto entrance to Cedar Point since the Cedar Point Causeway was built in the 1950's. The overhead sign touts the accomodations "on the Point" (on the peninsula). Signs beside the road on the Causeway have a concrete pedestal, such as the parking sign on the bottom edge of the picture. Marc worked in the toll booth on the right side of the picture during the 1996 Season (sorry, no picture available).

This signal no longer operates in red-yellow-green mode; in fact, the red flashing light for parking lot traffic is now located in the middle lens. During hours of operation, this signal is a formality, since most intersections around the parking area are controlled by seasonal employees from the Traffic Operations department.

The Chaussee

Although blurry, the unusual font used on signs along the Chaussee may be seen here. The bottom of the sign actually cites a Sandusky city ordinance.

The speed limit appears on the road in various places. Also notice the single solid yellow line.

Routings through Sandusky for Cedar Point

Cedar Point generates great amounts of traffic. As a result, there are different paths that visitors are directed to take to and from the park in order to distribute the traffic as evenly as possible.

Here is a road map of the area just outside the park, and here is a topographic map (the latter is more detailed but shows an older routing of US 250).

Exit signage at the southern edge of the parking area

Signage on the Causeway Southbound - The water is immediately past the power poles on both sides.

Cedar Point Drive Southbound at First Street
There is no Alternate Ohio 4 (the sign is actually referring to the alternate route to Ohio 4 listed above). Also notice that the "WEST" sign is underneath the US 6 shield.

First Street Westbound at Cedar Point Drive - An interesting arrangement of traffic signal arrows.

Cedar Point Drive Southbound approaching US 6.
Gantries like this are common heading away from Cedar Point. Notice the unusual contents and layout of signs.

US 6 Westbound at Cedar Point Drive. - The far-left symbol on the gantry in the background is an Ohio Turnpike marker.

US 6 Westbound at Butler Street

Pictured is a new system of lane control devices installed sometime between Cedar Point's 1996 and 2000 seasons. Some of the devices employ light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Notice that because of the set-up, the left doghouse signal employs fresnel lenses (making the lights difficult to see from an angle) while the right one does not, since they can operate differently from each other.

US 250 at Butler Street

Butler Street meets US 250/Milan Road at a modified trumpet interchange which also connects to local residential streets (aerial photograph). Norfolk Southern railroad tracks also run through this interchange.

Approaching the interchange on US 250 Westbound

At the interchange on US 250 Westbound
Here are more lane controls. The "RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT" legend was flashing when this photo was taken.

Close-up of ramp diamond warning sign

Diagrammatic sign on the US 250 overpass over Butler Street

The Ohio 2/US 6/Rye Beach Road interchange

US 6 merges into the Ohio 2 freeway just west of Huron, then leaves it again, following Rye Beach Road Northbound a short distance, then Cleveland Road Westbound. Aerial photo

Traffic is directed to use either interchange so it can be distributed evenly.

Notice the Lake Erie Circle Tour marker on the sign in the background. The sign in the foreground is referring to the Firelands branch of Bowling Green State University, located just south of the interchange.

Rye Beach Road Northbound at Cleveland Road, the US 6 turn - Notice the signs with the Cedar Point logo.


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