New Brunswick, The Gaspe Peninsula, and
the St. Lawrence Seaway

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New Brunswick

World's longest Covered Bridge(?) Rand McNally calls this bridge the longest of it's type in the world (and then proceeds to mark it's location in the wrong place). It's about 25 miles north of the northern end of I-95. Crossing the St. John River on the northside of Heartland

Alot of Arches To the west of the Heartland Covered Bridge is this multiple arch bridge for Trans-Canada (or is it NB?) Rt. 2. I don't know if the bridge of arches replaced the covered bridge. As for Rt. 2, is it a highway, a super two, or a freeway?

Woodland Vista Long straightaway along NB 17. I'm looking SW back towards a wooded hill. Between St. Leonard and Robinsonville.

Provience Quebec

Gaspe Pennisula

Saint Lawrence River (Route Des Navigateurs)

Sign for the "Navigator's route" Close up of shield | In context with background

Saint Anne des Monts

Cap-Chat Windfarm There are 133 windmills located here, producing 100 MW of electricity. The most notable one in the collection is the Cap-Chat Vertical axis one. It stands 110 meters (310 ft) high. There are tours offered of the Vertical Windmill as well.

Matane Small town along the St. Lawrence. Their church stands out the most.

Roadside Park Bic Park?

Trois-Pistoles What I would describe as "bumps," actually islands, out in the St. Lawrence between Rimouski and Riviere-du-loup

Other St. Lawrence River Views From the shore of Riviere du loup(?)

Trois-Rivieres Bridge Quebec Autoroute 55 uses this bridge


Ogdensburg Bridge

Thousand Island Parkway Pier 1

Thousand Island Parkway Pier 2

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