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The space on the sign for Ohio 261 used to say "Wadsworth". Traffic to Wadsworth is now directed by a supplemental sign before this gantry to follow I-76/US 224 Westbound. On Ohio 21 Northbound

When was the last time you saw two towns abreviated on a street (or freeway) sign? You get to see alot of abreviations along Old US 21 in Summit Co. (Cleve-Mass Road parallels Ohio 21, a later routing of US 21, to the east.)
Along I-76/US 224 eastbound for Cleveland-Massillon Road


Akron's Romig Road descends southbound just south of Rolling Acres Mall and becomes Barberton's State Street in the process. Just before State reaches the bottom of the hill, it intersects Grand Boulevard. Because of the angle of descent of Romig/State, the traffic light at Grand Blvd. is obscured, so a supplemental signal was placed very high to aid motorists. One can deduce the height of the signal by observing the car, the street signs, and the wire for the standard-height signals leading to the right of the pole.

Here's an unusual combination of colors on a diamond street sign near Lake Anna in Barberton.

On Wooster Road (former Ohio 5) on the west side of Barberton -- according to Ryan Dalessandro, this and the one for the other direction were removed sometime after this photo was taken on March 21, 2000 and before October 3, 2001

At the intersection of Wooster Road (old Ohio 5) and 31st Street (old US 21) on the west edge of Barberton

Even though Interstate 277 is short, linear, and completely co-signed with US 224, it is fully signed (now).
And no, Akron's beltway is not made out of rubber. ;-)

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