Olentangy Region Photos

A miniature Green sign directing traffic from a Shell Gas station (and a McDonalds) to WB US 36/ Oh 37.
This is on the west side of the exit for I-71.
I don't know what came first, Kingman Hill or Kingman Theatre. However, Kingman Hill will last longer than Kingman Theatre (which closed down after the 2002 drive-in theater season), which is now a housing development. At least the sign was still standing as of September, 2003.

Delaware County Engineer Department planning for the future. This used to be a turn to the left (and change of road names). The south stub end might be used for a possible extension of one of the southern Delaware County highways. The fence blocks a dirt path to the farm fields in the distance. The stop sign perplexes me. Intersection of Shanahan Rd (which I'm on) and Piatt Rds

The Gooding Inn, built in 1817, expanded in 1825, reverted back to residence in 1900 and hopefully will be saved as a housing development is built around it (a sign on the yard promotes it as an Orange Twp park). Of course by the time I am interested in photographing it there are various wires all over the place to distract anyone (and then there's US 23 and its traffic...). Photos from Feburary, 2003

On the left, new and improved. On the right, old and warn out.
BTW, the old one on the right has since been removed. Intersection of US 23 and Oh 750

An Ohio Byway sign. Oh 315 between I-270 (Worthington) and US 23 (Stratford/Delaware) has been designated as such due to it's proximity to the Olentangy River and all it's twist and turns (and folliage). At intersection with Home Rd

(Link to the state scenic byway webpage)

A box girder design for those using a golf course so they don't have to fight traffic along Sawmill Parkway (near Powell). I have yet to see anyone use the bridge. Along Sawmill Parkway between Powell and Home Rds.

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