Where the Southern crosses the Dog

Moorhead is "Where the Southern Cross the Dog." The Southern being the Southern RR (going left to right in this photo and still an active line as the Columbus-Greenville RR) and the Dog being the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley/Illinois Central Gulf (from bottom up in both photos), aka the Yazoo Delta. Furthermore, there are several stories out there as to how the Yazoo line became known as the "Dog" or "Yellow Dog."
Back to "Where the Southern Cross the Dog," W.C. Handy heard that line, while waiting at the train station in Tutwiler (see this page), by some anoyomus guitar player. The saying was later used in several blues songs written by Charley Patton and Big Bill Broonzy.
Top photo taken in April, 2003, bottom photo taken in May, 2005

Moorhead has taken advantage to their little piece of history by setting this gazebo up in the NE corner of the rail crossing. There is suppose to be a historical marker here for the rail intersection as well, but has yet to be restored as of May, 2005 (my last visit). (This photo was taken in April, 2003)

I should also mention that other for the abandoned section that crosses the Southern, the Yazoo Delta line doesn't even run through Moorhead anymore (it was rerouted to go through Greenwood to the east back in 1930s later to be abandoned all together in the 1970s acording to Allan Hammons).
To the left of this building on into the water tower supports would be where the "Dog" would have continued to the north. (Photo taken in April, 2003)

Looking north at the abandoned line, a water tower and a church sit on the former right-of-way for the railline. (Photo taken in May, 2005)

Looking east along the Columbus-Greenville (Southern) RR as it bisects Moorhead. (Photo taken in May, 2005)

What was once the Bank of Moorhead has become a Union Planters Bank. (Photo taken in May, 2005)

Unfortunately, much of Moorhead has been left to fade into obscurity. People with means leave the town and those who stay behind struggle just to keep the status quo. Remembering where two railroads cross each other seems to be the least of this community's worries at this time. :-( (Photos taken in May, 2005)


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