South Expressway

Who put a traffic light in my yard?

It looks like a resident likes signals enough to display one outside his home. In reality, however, it is actually a traffic light placed for optimum visibility and is part of an assembly which is immediately to the right of the top picture (notice that while the signals are modern, they still retain the Akron-style visors -- cut-aways for the reds and greens and tunnels for the yellows).

On the ramp for Ohio 261 from I-77 Northbound

This sign gantry, placed just before Exit 123B on I-77 Southbound (Ohio 764/Wilbeth Road), in order to avoid confusion, distinguishes between Akron's two main airports (Akron Fulton International in Akron, a small airport, and Akron-Canton Regional, a larger airport midway between Akron and Canton, complete with direct access to I-77). Eleven miles on an advance exit sign is a very large distance.

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