US 33 Corridor; Logan and Athens Counties

Thomas Worthington must have gotten around. He was the first Governor of Ohio (his estate is a state park NE of Chilicothe), a mason (they've been around how long now?), and land developer (don't know if that's a good or a bad thing). But according to the Masonic Lodge and Ohio Historical Society, Thomas Worthington was the founder of Logan. This placard is along old US 33 in Logan (Photo taken in February, 2004).


If one wants to follow the old routing for US 33 through Nelsonville, follow the red brick street (Photo taken in February, 2004)

Someone painted this mural facing the entrance to the Nelsonville Post Office. The SUV in front is not part of the painting (Photo taken in February, 2004)

I'm not sure what Eagles represents here (not Philadelphia, that's for certain). Fraternal Order of Eagles (what is that?) It has become a home to several shops now. (Photo taken in February, 2004)

Nelsonville City Square

War veteren memorials. Not sure which war the one on the left eulogizes, the middle one encompenses all armed battles and casualties, and the memorial on the right is for the Korean Conflict. (Photo taken in February, 2004)

Behind the war memorials is this fountain. I'm not sure if it was dried up due to the season or if it doesn't work anymore. (Photo taken in February, 2004)

Closer shot of the fountain. Ode to agriculture or pagan monument? (Photo taken in February, 2004)

Nelsonville was big enough, back in the day, to have it's own Operahouse. Nowadays, Stuarts is used as offices for several businesses in Nelsonville.
(Photo taken in February, 2004)

If you travel along US 33, just on the south edge of Nelsonville, you'll find the ugliest design state route shields you'll ever see in Ohio. Either that or someone from the University of Michigan drew them to show what Ohio would look like if Toledo wereto be sent to "That State Up North." (Photos taken in February, 2004)


Hey! Who downgraded US 33 north of Athens?! Of other note here, US 33 formerly went to the right into Athens before the bypass was constructed. Oh 550 was formerly US 50 N then Alt US 50 till the 1970s. Out of the picture to the left would be the southern terminus for Oh 13 as well. (Photo taken in February, 2004)

Same interchange as above, but going westbound. I took this photo back in the summer of 2001. A rare case of ODOT placing exit numbers along a non-interstate route (other examples west of Cleveland). The exit numbering is based on the length of the route within the respective county.

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